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We have a website of several authors and we are always looking for more professionals to join the editorial team. We are committed to publishing interesting articles for our readers. If you have an interesting article or idea that you want to share with our readers, we can help you publish it here. We mentioned the list of categories below.

Write For Us: Categories We Cover:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads Tips
  • Leads Generations
  • Interior Design Marketing
  • Case Study 
  • GMB Tips
  • Marketing Tips 
  • Current Marketing Trends
  • Ai Marketing
  • Others

Write For Us: Rules to Approved your articles:

  1. Article title must not more than 65 Characters.
  2. Provide a meta description with less than 160 characters and 2 focus keywords.
  3. It must have had an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  4. The article has a minimum of 700 words to 1500 Words.
  5. Please include an image with 1200 PX (Width) to 600 PX (Height)
  6. If you have a gravatar email id of author then provide us. (If available)
  7. The article should be 100% unique, our editorial team checks it, if it will find with plagiarized than article should be rejected.
  8. Mention your bio with a minimum of 200 characters where you will get the Do-Follow link and Social link it.
  9. It is better to add a relevant link in the content which is officially for learning and informative website, For Example Wikipedia and W3schools.

Follow these Guidelines before Start Writing Article:

  • Add more research and statistics in your content to make the article high-quality. You can easily find research from google.
  • Try to add 7-8 LSI keywords in your content and make it Bold so our editor can see how many keywords you have added.
  • Do not write more long paragraphs. Try to shorten your sentences up to 2-3 lines.
  • If your article has features and benefits types of content, then try to write in bullet points.

How you can improve your SEO Score:

  1. The focus keyword should be there in your first paragraph of the article.
  2. You also have to manage keyword density, so try to add 4-5 focus keywords in the whole article.
  3. Your focus keyword should be there in your Article Title, Slug, and Meta Description.
  4. Your focus keyword length should not be more than 4 words.
  5. Try to add one internal link. You can add a link from our previous blogs wherever it suits the article.
  6. Try to add 1 Outbound link in your content. That outbound link should be related to research or statistics. We’ll not allow your keyword link in the body content.
  7. You need to add focus keyword in your headlines too. Headlines like h2,h2, and h4.
  8. Follow the structure of the headline starting from H2 to H6.
  9. If you’re adding an image in between the content, then you have to add alt tags for that image.

How you can improve your Readability Score:

  • Your article should be in the active voice rather than passive voice. You can write a passive voice of up to 20% of your whole article.
  • You have to maintain your Flesch Reading Ease score. For that, you can check your content from online tools before submitting your article.
  • Try to mix up your starting sentences. Do not write Consecutive sentences.
  • Write more Transition words in your article. You can check the Yoast SEO guidelines to know more about the Transition words score.
    Also, maintain your paragraph and sentence length throughout your article.

Write For Us: How To contact us

You Send email us on [email protected] with a Subject title as Guest Post Introduction. In the body section, you have to mention 3 to 4 sample which you wrote for another website. Before reaching out to us try to visit our recent blogs for more information about what type of articles we generally accept.